Vanessa Wood Interiors Gold Coast Interior Design The Beach Escape Master Bedroom Green Feature Bed Base

How lucky were we to be chosen by our truly gorgeous, kind, and bubbly clients to take their spacious beachside apartment and transform it into an escape that resonates more with their own personal aesthetic – a little more country than typical beachside coastal. We updated, enhanced and lightened the entire apartment. Once again, clients who had the utmost faith in us, resulting in the ultimate surprise and excitement as they entered to see the transformation for the first time. Obviously, a significant responsibility for our team is to fully appreciate our clients’ brief and to translate their vibe by confidently pulling it all together on their behalf and certainly the approach we love to follow the most.

“Nothing makes us happier than to explore fresh ideas, create the unexpected, include unique pieces and unveil a space that puts a smile on our clients’ faces and has them squeal with delight!”

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